Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017 | San Diego, CA

The more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings.

Let's get out of the cultural story about female sexuality.
And into our true power and agency.


As women, we are told who to be sexually, what to want, who to want, who to partner with, how to dress and how to have sex ‘the right way.’

That cultural story is based on an inauthentic idea of sexuality—not on the real sexuality of women. It’s created, packaged and sold back to us and becomes a vaguely attainable ideal of sex and sexuality that most of us never have or even want.

In fact, our sexuality is used against us and is often suspect, so we learn to put it away, ignore it or see it as dangerous. Or we allow it to be commodified and defined from the outside by other people.

If we challenge this story and put ourselves out there in a powerful way, if we say what we think and what we want, we are called ballbusters, bitches, nasty women, sluts, whores… the list of insults is long.

The truth is that a woman who owns her sexuality and her power is dangerous. Because a woman who owns it challenges the status quo.

In this limiting cultural soup, how do you figure out what you want? What does it mean to claim your sexual agency and power?

If you want to do that, the FIRE WOMAN RETREAT is the place for you.

The Fire Woman Retreat
September 29-October 1, 2017
San Diego, CA



What You'll Learn at the Fire Woman Retreat

When you embark on this sexual journey of awakening, when you commit to a path of sexual healing and embracing your own sexual agency and power, you…

·      Gain sexual confidence

·      Release the burdens and shame that have held you back

·      Stop questioning who you are and what you want

·      Learn to stand for yourself in powerful ways

·      Embrace and radically love your body

·      Show up as emotionally powerful in your relationships

·      Start to have deeper intimacy and rocking sex

·      End the divisions between your spiritual path and your sexuality

·      Play more and experience profound pleasure and joy in all of life

·      Express yourself authentically

·      Direct your sexual energy to the things you want to use it for

·      Come home to yourself

'I've had such a deeply empowering experience -- the biggest takeaway is to feel I'm the owner of my body'

Who is the Woman on Fire?

If your sexuality hasn’t been addressed as the sacred and important thing it is, it is the missing link to your personal power.

·      Have you ever felt like you are sexually broken?

·      Have you wanted to express your sexual desire but not known how?

·      Have you felt dissatisfied sexually but not known what to do to make it better?

·      Have you wished you could exude more confidence?

·      Have you been curious about out-of-the-box sexual fantasies but too afraid to explore them?

·      Have you longed to understand the connection between your sexuality and your spirituality?

·      Have you wanted to experience more pleasure, better sex and bigger orgasms?

·      Have you wished for a sexual partner who could meet you where you are?

·      Have you beat yourself up for not being enough? Sexy enough, attractive enough, smart enough, confident enough, funny enough, strong enough…

·      Have you felt like your need for sexual healing has held you back?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above, the Fire Woman Retreat is for you.

Women of all ages are welcome at the Fire Woman Retreat—we’ve had women in their 20s all the way up to their 70s come to our classes and events. The Retreat welcomes women of all sexual orientations, all relationship styles, all ethnic backgrounds and religions. No matter how you come to identify as a woman, if you do, you are welcome here; we welcome our transgender sisters. 

The Fire Woman Retreat is for you if you’re ready to embark on this journey to embrace yourself fully and experience sexuality to the depths. Whether you are sovereignly single or in a relationship, the time is NOW to break through and step fully into your own sexual agency and power. 

Becoming a Woman On Fire means you embrace your sexual energy, sexual core and sexual power so you can use it to create the things you are here to create. It means you unapologetically claim your power with confidence, self-intimacy and authenticity. 

your sexual energy is the fuel for your very life’s purpose.

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About Amy Jo Goddard

I’m Amy Jo Goddard and I’ve been teaching sexuality and sexual empowerment for the last 20 years. What I’ve seen in my two decades of teaching sexuality is that there comes a time in a woman’s life when she’s ready to stop settling and to embrace her sexual self in order to feel whole, free and vitally alive.

Why am I teaching adults about sexuality? I set out on a path to teach sexuality because my path was hard when I was young—and I’ve seen that most adults never get the sexual guidance they need. As a visionary I knew I could create powerful, beautiful, unique experiences where people could go deep, clear their shame and all of what holds them back, and celebrate who they are as sexual beings.

I earned my Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University and I’ve studied with countless teachers to become the educator I am. I travel quite a bit speaking and teaching. You can check out my TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” to get a sense of my approach.

I wrote two books: Woman on Fire: Nine Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence and Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men (as co-author).  I teach my unique 9-month Fire Woman virtual program, maintain a coaching practice, and host events and VIP days with private clients.

After living and teaching in New York City for nearly 20 years, I now live in my home state of California, splitting my time between Los Angeles and Napa because I love food, nature and beauty! And cats. 

'I feel so whole-heartedly that this is an experience every woman should have. It's unlike anything out there.'

When & Where

When: Opening Ceremony begins at 1pm on Friday, September 29. If you are flying in, you’ll want to arrive in San Diego the night before. The retreat concludes at 5pm on Sunday, October 1.

Where: The Fire Garden, 30418 N River Rd, Bonsall, CA 92003
(50 miles north San Diego International Airport)
If you are bringing a car, just let us know so we can reserve parking for you.

Accommodations: We have reserved a block of rooms at the nearby Courtyard Oceanside Marriott (a 15 minute drive from the Fire Garden), with rooms at $119-139/night for a king or two queens respectively. 

If you want to stay right on the land, there are limited camping spots available for $45 for the whole weekend — however showers will not be available. You would want to bring a solar shower or know that you’ll get a little gritty.

Food: There will be food vendors at the event and special beverages available for purchase. Due to land restrictions we cannot cook on the land. You can bring your own food or purchase from our local vendors. We recommend that you bring any snacks or special comfort foods and drinks you will want to have.


$697 Regular Admission
  • Admission to the 3-day retreat beginning Friday, September 29th at 1pm.
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$997 Extra Hot Ticket
  • Your VIP ticket includes an exclusive 90-minute group coaching call with Amy Jo before the event, plus lunch with Amy Jo at the Fire Woman Retreat and a hand-selected assortment of sexy toys and treats (including Amy Jo's books Woman on Fire and Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men). After the event, you'll also get a private 30-minute call with lead coach Leonore Tjia.
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Sponsored by Feminist Sex Shop, Sugar

We are thrilled to be sponsor by Sugar, a lesbian owned sex toy shop that’s dedicated to helping people of all genders celebrate their sexuality. Jacq Jones, owner and founder of Sugar, will be on site at the Fire Woman Retreat with an inventory of toys to help participants pick out the perfect toy for them. If you’ve been wanting to buy a sex toy, but unsure where to start, look no further! Sugar has got you covered.

Psst... Are you a therapist or clinical practitioner?

Many of the women who have been drawn to this work are themselves therapists, social workers, coaches, nutritionists, and other kinds of healers or clinical practitioners — who have realized that they need to heal and reclaim their own sexuality in order to work more fully with their clients.

We know that doing your own work is an important and that many therapists, coaches etc. need support around their own sexuality. When you do this work for yourself, the additional benefit is how it can open up new territory in your work with clients.

Here’s how attending the Fire Woman Retreat can help you in the work you do with your clients:

  • You can practice talking openly about sexuality in a place where it’s OK to take risks — you don’t have to worry about making mistakes with a client
  • Release the fear of not being perfect or feeling like you “have to have it all figured out” in order to competently address sexual issues that your clients need help with 
  • Gain rare insight, through hearing other women’s stories, into the most common sexual issues that many people struggle with and don’t know how to talk about 
  • Learn tools to address and move through sexual shame constructively and compassionately
  • Understand your own triggers and defenses about sexuality so you are better equipped to help your clients in the moment
  • Learn from sex educators who have been professionally trained to assist people with these issues

Our commitment to sexual empowerment goes beyond this event; we believe the world is a better place when therapists, social workers, coaches and healers of all stripes are equipped to deal confidently and compassionately with sexuality. If you are connected to networks of therapists, etc. and would like to recommend the Fire Woman Retreat to your circles, we recommend that you register as an affiliate for the event and write to us at to talk about promotion.


Amy Jo & Leonore

'Amy Jo is a highly skilled facilitator who brings a depth of knowledge about the subject matter.'

'She understands that women’s sexuality is core to who we are and where so much of our power resides. I chose to work with her because I wanted to hold that power fully and have access to it, for my own empowerment and to infuse into my relationships. Every woman should gift herself the experience of holding communion with a group of very special women to awaken and heal their sexuality.' - Kayla

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How does People-Pleasing Impact Your Sex Life?

Watch this video with Amy Jo and Leonore:

Got questions? We've got answers

1. What actually HAPPENS at these events? 
We know that it can be hard to imagine what the curriculum for a sexual empowerment weekend might look like! One thing you should know about Amy Jo is that she earned a Masters in Human Sexuality Education and is a total curriculum geek who thrives on designing experiential workshops. This is not going to be a weekend where the speaker talks and you just listen; it’ll incorporate everything from group discussion and small group exercises to writing, role-play and movement. You’ll bring a journal and spend the weekend learning about sexuality and understanding what it means for YOU to step into your own sexual empowerment.

We also have two very special evening events planned: a Sexual Archetype Ritual, where you will get the chance to meet and interact with 12 archetypes of female sexuality, and an Erotic Carnival, with the chance to learn about different erotic skillsets. Most people have never been in an environment where talking about sexuality has been normalized like this. We create a safe learning environment where you can ask questions and be curious. All the activities we have planned are educational — this is not a sex party or a space where people engage in sexual activity with each other. 

2. This sounds really challenging. What if I get overwhelmed?

It’s true that this work requires courage — and it’s not the first step on the self-transformation highway. Only you know if you’re ready for it — but we encourage you to listen to the voice of desire that says “I want this” instead of the voice of fear. When you come to this event, you will be with a group of other women who have also courageously chosen to say “yes” to this even when it felt scary. 

Know that at this event you will be very well held by a team that is dedicated to this work. We’ll have an area especially for women to take time to retreat and be nurtured with tea, herbal tinctures and other self-care tools. There will be lots of time for your personal processing and you can always step out of an exercise to have a moment with yourself. We also have a very skilled team of women who are equipped to hold space for the emotional aspects of the work. We build the container thoughtfully and give you tools to integrate the insights back into your life.  

3. I’m not really into women/I’m not polyamorous/I’m single/I’m in a heterosexual marriage/I’m a lot older/younger than other women here. Can I still come? 

We always hear from women who expect to be different from others at my events — and are nervous that they’ll be “the only one”. You won’t be the only one! Women of all sexual orientations, identities and relationship styles come to these workshops and programs. You will meet other women who are on a similar path to you and others who have led very different lives. As a team, we honor the diversity of sexual expression and we do not have an agenda to impart in terms of how you should act, identify or conduct your relationships. We will give you tools and help you find insights into your personal sexual journey — which is yours to own. 

4. Where do I stay? What’s the deal with food?
We have reserved a block of rooms at the nearby Courtyard Oceanside Marriott (a 15 minute drive from the Fire Garden), with rooms at $119-139/night for a king or two queens respectively. It’s a short drive to and from the hotel and Lyft operates in the area. We also have a Facebook group set up for women to coordinate sharing rides and/or hotel rooms if they’re interested.

If you want to stay right on the land, there are limited camping spots available for $45 for the whole weekend (which we pay directly to the landowners)— however showers will not be available. You would want to bring a solar shower or know that you’ll get a little gritty! 

Food: There will be food vendors at the event and special beverages available for purchase. Due to land restrictions we cannot cook on the land. You can bring your own food or purchase from our local vendors. We recommend that you bring any snacks or special comfort foods and drinks you will want to have.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work, and out of respect for our sisters who are in recovery, the Fire Woman Retreat is a completely drug- and alcohol-free event. 

If you’re even THINKING about coming and still have questions, feel free to reach out to We’d love to help you!